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Monday, March 24, 2008


After struggling with this for a couple of weeks now, redoing 2 panels and trying to salvage the front one, I woke up this morning and knew it had to go as well.
Once the decision was made it came together fairly quickly after that.
The theme of windows and doors sort of evolved on it's own after the middle panel was finished- the only one that I started with any clear idea of what I wanted
The front panel is painted in crackle paste, both sides. I've used one of my junk doorknocker finds for the front.

The middle panel is my trusty texture paste, applied over copper tape across the opening and a transparency stuck on from the back. I've used Grungeboard hinges to hold the 3 panels together (not in the pics) and I'm pretty impressed with them

This is the front and back of the last panel, another do over, and bears no resemblance to to original layout.
All in all I'm fairly pleased finally with it. It goes in the post tomorrow, so no more tinkering!


Gail said...

Wonderful wonderful work, as usual Julian, and I'm sure the lucky recipent of this treasure, will be rapt.

NessH said...

Julian..I just love this..and the colours yes they are stunning..whoever gets it will adore it I am sure...
going out of your comfort zone can be scary..but we are here to help you thru it...share and we will honestly comment on what we think..
I know anything you do no matter what the colour will be stunning

Jen Crossley said...

Beautiful work as always Julian
Im sure who ever gets it will be thrilled

LizzieA01 said...

Hi Julian,

please don't change your colour scheme on my account - I LOVE reds and golds too, work in them all the time! But i do understand what it is like when you look back at a couple of months worth of work and you see 1 principal colour.

The tryptich is just beautiful.

Gail said...

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