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Monday, March 24, 2008

A forgotten piece

I found this background I had made ages ago and put aside for some reason, while I was cleaning up , trying to get back a bit of inspiration. It is texture paste through a stencil, done very carefully in stages, then painted in washes of acrylic paint. Stamped and torn tissue across the bottom with gel medium.
I'm thinking maybe a background for a frame assemblage?

I had to say goodbye to an old friend today- I killed my trusty heat gun that I've had since I started stamping. And it was my own stupidity- I knocked it off my messy table, along with half the mess.
But it didn't give it's life in vain- I dismantled it and found some interesting bits inside to use- a nice piece of mesh, a coily springy thing, some cone shapes and other little bits. RIP

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NessH said...

Julian I love this canvas so far..I can't wait to see what you do should show up step by step and keep us begging for more...thanks for sharing