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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Transparency class

The second day was using transparencies. I struggled a bit with this and wasn't 100% happy with the end result- not what I had pictured- I think I used up too much creativity on Donkey:)

One of the best thing about Micheal's classes is the critique he holds at the end of the day, where you can talk about you piece (or not) and he also makes some remarks about it.
I did take a video of this with my phone , but it is orientated the wrong way and after several frustrating tries of rotating it I finally gave up. But I do have some pics of the other girls who turned out some amazing work on both days

And one of Michael demonstrating

Kathy and Marg did an outstanding job of organising these classes and Ancient Echoes was an inspiring venue.It was great catching up with people who I wish I could see more often

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Jen Crossley said...

It was such a great weekend wasnt it.It was great to see you and catch up a little bit.Michael is such an awesome teacher,your piece was simple Stunning.
Wish you lived closer :{