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Sunday, March 30, 2008

bag of inspiration

After a day of feverish work I have finished the piece made from the stuff Liz sent me. I had painted the cigar box- Notice the blues and greens!- and had spent 2 days moving pieces around and rearranging the layout and not being satisfied with it and just as I was going to sleep the other night it hit me - what was missing - it needed the shriny shape- of course- behind it. Luckily I had just such a thing left from the paperwhimsy shadowbox- and all I had to do with it was cut the bottom lip off and voila! it fit perfectly!

Liz had included a marvellous round calculator thingy that I was realy reluctant to do anything to, but in the end it was just too perfect- so it had to be grunged up.

Liz certainly sent some very interesting pieces- esp what looked like a hood ornament- which became the woman's face at the top- I thought that part turned out esp well. All in all I'm pleased with the way the whole thing turned out- if I do say so myself!


Kathy said...

Julian it's fantastic, you've done an amazing job. Liz will be thrilled.

Teresa said...

Julian, this piece is amazing! Liz is going to be thrilled with it. Love the new-look blog too......for a second there I thought I'd walked into the wrong shop!

NessH said...

Julian..Liz will love is amazing...there is something to look at everywhere you eye goes on this piece..
also love the new look blog...

Gail said...

Looks wonderful Julian, mine pales into insignificance compared to yours. If only I had 1/2 your talent.

Jen Crossley said...

wow your amazing Julian I bet Liz will be thrilled